Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lab 3 Reflection

As the weeks go by, and we spend more time with the children at St.Marys, teaching the kids our games becomes easier. By easier I mean that we are becoming more comfortable with the children as they are with us. I also see the level of enjoyment for the kids raising as well when we bring props in to go along with our games, and dress up in costumes that relate to the theme of the week. I believe my peers, and I are improving each and every week that we get to go to St. Marys. Whether it be with the comfort level with the kids, or the improvements of our teaching strategies this is a great experience for all of us. This week we had a western theme. Many of us dressed up as cowboys, and cowgirls to engage the children in playing the games, and a few of the group members also brought props to go along with our games. As we do every week we observed certain motor skills. This week we observed the leap, horizontal jump, and the slide. I have done a written lab for these skills and other techniques I noticed in this weeks lab 

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