Monday, April 18, 2011

Physical activity and_fitness_enhancement

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Physical activity and_fitness_enhancement
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In our classroom text books there is a lot of important information. These books help guide us to become the physical educators we strive to be. In our lecture class a couple of week ago the groups for Monday and Wednesdays labs were assigned different chapters to overview and create an educational slide show. Now slide shows can be done many different ways; in our classroom we like to show more then we like to tell. This is the reason that our slides have more pictures then words. In this teaching style we like to engage a persons interest with the picture present and a few important key words, and then tell a "story" about them, and how, and why they are important

Monday, April 11, 2011

St. Mary's Run For The Stars

Over the past weekend I volunteered to help out with the St. Mary's Run For The Stars 5K and 1K race. It was a lot of fun. There was a pancake breakfast for everyone, and a 1k race for the children, and some adults, then a 5k race for the adults, and older children. They gave out prizes at the end for the people that placed in each race. It was a great turn out. This is a wonderful way to get the community, and family's involved in physical activity's, and doing something healthy. There are many ways to sponsor events like this with getting donations from local store and asking people to donate for a cause. Overall it was a great experience.

lab 4 Reflection

This week at St. Mary's we did a Dinosaur Train theme. The children seemed to enjoy it very much. One child knew the characters I have on the I made as soon as she saw them. We observed the overhand throw, and the catching skills. The group that ran the games of for the gym group did a wonderful job giving directions, and instructing their games. Having been to St. Mary's for some time now I think we are becoming more comfortable with the children, and like wise for them with us. The comfort level I think is have a great effect on how we handle ourselves during the lab time. We have also been able to spend time with most of the age groups thus far, so being able to have that time has also helped. I have written up a lab on this weeks skills and observations. LINK