Friday, March 4, 2011

Lab 2 Reflection

Our second time at St. Mary's was a great experience. After already being there once before I feel like we were all a lot more confident in presenting our games to the children. Our theme this week was cartoons and, I was pleased to see that many of us dressed up for the occasion. The children loved to costumes and, were very interested in them. I think enjoyed the costumes and props very much. I believe the games went very smoothly this week and, that the children had a lot of fun with them. I did notice that a few of the older children were a little less interested in the simpler games, so I think we need to revise some of them to fit their age group some more and, make them a little more challenging for them. Overall I think it was a very successful lab and look forward to our next one. We also observed the children for certain locomotor skills this week. Here is my lab observations.

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