Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lab 3 Reflection

As the weeks go by, and we spend more time with the children at St.Marys, teaching the kids our games becomes easier. By easier I mean that we are becoming more comfortable with the children as they are with us. I also see the level of enjoyment for the kids raising as well when we bring props in to go along with our games, and dress up in costumes that relate to the theme of the week. I believe my peers, and I are improving each and every week that we get to go to St. Marys. Whether it be with the comfort level with the kids, or the improvements of our teaching strategies this is a great experience for all of us. This week we had a western theme. Many of us dressed up as cowboys, and cowgirls to engage the children in playing the games, and a few of the group members also brought props to go along with our games. As we do every week we observed certain motor skills. This week we observed the leap, horizontal jump, and the slide. I have done a written lab for these skills and other techniques I noticed in this weeks lab 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lab 2 Reflection

Our second time at St. Mary's was a great experience. After already being there once before I feel like we were all a lot more confident in presenting our games to the children. Our theme this week was cartoons and, I was pleased to see that many of us dressed up for the occasion. The children loved to costumes and, were very interested in them. I think enjoyed the costumes and props very much. I believe the games went very smoothly this week and, that the children had a lot of fun with them. I did notice that a few of the older children were a little less interested in the simpler games, so I think we need to revise some of them to fit their age group some more and, make them a little more challenging for them. Overall I think it was a very successful lab and look forward to our next one. We also observed the children for certain locomotor skills this week. Here is my lab observations.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just received an email today about the Lets Move In  School program that's going on right now. I think this program is amazing and, a great idea for children today. Here's a link for everyone to click on and watch a short video about the program and, a small written description. website Enjoy, and Lets get moving at least 60 minutes a day!