Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 1

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Fundamental skill development and assessment is so important to our profession and health of our students because it is the building blocks of development. Skill development includes motor, cognitive, and affective domains. Within each domain a different set of skills lay. With assessing these skills we have the power to improve our students life’s in every aspect. We can teach them how to improve on them and guide them in the right direction. With developing these skills our students will learn the importance of physical activity in life. In the motor development domain our students will become skillful movers, knowledgeable movers, and expressive movers. This is the core of our physical education. They learn locomotion, manipulation, and stability skills. It allows them to be physically active and enhances their overall fitness. Within the cognitive domain it is shown that children learn cognitive concept because the learning is fun and active. It also allows children to learn with their hands which can make it easier for them to grasp the concept. The affective domain A.K.A social-emotional development allows us as teachers to help our students become more active and develop a better self-concept, higher self-esteem and stronger social skills. All of this is a very important part of being healthy for our students. It is the building blocks to a healthy life in the long run. They will develop these skills now and in so will give them the motivation to practice and improve on them throughout their lives.

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